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Vocabulary Exercise: People collocations

Some adjectives and nouns naturally go together. For example, when we talk about criminals, we can say a "petty thief" (someone who steals things of little value) or a "convicted criminal" (someone who has been convicted of a crime). Check your knowledge of these other adjectives and nouns to talk about people.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. She is a __ friend and I know I can rely on her.
2. After his son was born, he became an incredibly __ parent.
3. He's an __ supporter of his local football team.
4. The two teams are __ rivals.
5. I think she's a bit of a __ child. She always cries when she doesn't get what she wants.
6. Her cousin is a typical __ teenager. He goes from cheerful to silent in a second!
7. She's a __ leader and I think she'll do well in her career.
8. They can't sell their house because they have a __ tenant.
9. When they visited London, they saw the statue of the __ soldier.
10. The police don't think he's a __ witness, so they're asking for other people to come forward with information.

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