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Vocabulary Exercise: Emotion collocations

Some adjectives and nouns naturally go together. For example, when we talk about our memories we can say "a vague recollection" or "a vague memory". Check your knowledge of these other adjectives and nouns to talk about your emotions.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. I got a __ shock when I received the letter.
2. It was a __ surprise to hear from him after so many years.
3. When I heard the words of the politician saying ''It is with __ regret that we...'' I knew that the announcement would be sad.
4. Losing the match was a __ disappointment, but next year we can do better.
5. He has a __ belief in his abilities.
6. She has a __ fear of the dark.
7. He has __ memories of his childhood in Devon.
8. It's been her __ dream to visit Australia.
9. I think she has rather __ expectations.
10. He has a __ ambition to be a top lawyer.

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Rudina Zerka
Very helpful exercise. Thank you

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