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Vocabulary Exercise: Describing people

Check out our page on describing people, then try the quiz below.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. My grandfather is quite __
2. My mother is 54 years old, so I'd call her __ - aged.
3. Her youngest child is still a __. He can walk, but he isn't old enough for school yet.
4. She has pale skin and fair hair. She's a typical English __
5. My father has quite __ hair.
6. Do you think that models are too __?
7. She looks after her skin and she has a beautiful __
8. My friend is very __ and healthy because she plays a lot of sport.
9. She needs to wear a brace because she has __ teeth.
10. When the baby smiles she has really sweet __

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I learn lots of new words and its help to make the sentenses
Quite difficult but is a challenge to me. Thanks Clare.

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