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Vocabulary Exercise: Compound nouns – in a town

Check out our page on English vocabulary to talk about towns, then try the compound noun exercise below!

Level: Pre-intermediate / PET

1. You can wait for a bus at the bus __
2. Turn left at the __ lights.
3. Leave your car at the car __
4. You can cross the road at the __ crossing.
5. If you want to find lots of shops in one place, go to the shopping __
6. The best place to get a taxi is from the train __
7. There are lots of sports facilities at the __ centre.
8. Most towns also have a fire __ which sends out fire engines when a fire is reported.
9. Traffic has to wait for trains to pass at the __ crossing.
10. There's a new housing __ in the town which is popular with young families.

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