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Vocabulary Exercise: Commonly confused words

In this exercise, choose the best word to complete the sentence. The two choices for each sentence are commonly confused words in English.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Can I __ your dictionary?
2. Can you __ me your car?
3. Please __ your homework to the lesson next week.
4. Do you want to __ a book with you to the beach?
5. On Saturday I went shopping and bought some new __ .
6. When you go shopping, can you buy some new floor__ please?
7. The government has a new __ policy.
8. Our new car is very __ . It doesn't use much petrol.
9. I __ awful after I ate lunch.
10. She ran for the bus, tripped and __ over.
11. Sarah is always the __ student to arrive!
12. Have you seen the __ George Clooney film?
13. To wrap a present, first __ the wrapping paper flat on a table.
14. I don't feel well. I'm going to __ down for a while.
15. I hate it when people __ to me.
16. I only have one copy of the contract, so please don't __ it.
17. I've lost so much weight that all my clothes are __ .
18. The music is so __ I can hardly hear it.
19. This exercise is __ difficult.
20. His idea was very __ .
21. She's a __ child and hates loud noises.

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