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Vocabulary Exercise: Body verbs

Check out our page on English verbs of body movement then try the quiz below!

Level: Intermediate and above

1. Don't __ your finger at people - it's rude!
2. She was so tired that she couldn't stop __
3. That man over there is __ at you. Do you know him?
4. As soon as he smelled the flowers he started __ .
5. You shouldn't __ in someone's face - cover your mouth with your hand.
6. She often __ when she eats bread.
7. My cat is so cute and soft that I can't resist __ him!
8. He __ on a piece of food.
9. It's really hard not to __ a mosquito bite, but you shouldn't. It might get infected.
10. Ever since the accident she's found it difficult to walk. In fact, she __ quite badly.

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