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Vocabulary Exercise: Body idioms

Can you fill the gaps with the correct word? Check your understanding of English body idioms with this quiz.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. He got his __ badly burnt in his last business venture.
2. He completely lost his __ over that woman!
3. She made a rather __ in cheek comment about her new boss.
4. Oh no! I promised Ann I would get some milk, but it completely slipped my __
5. After their argument, Jenny gave him the cold __ and refused to talk to him.
6. I hate that butterflies in your __ feeling that you get before an exam.
7. I had a __ feeling that he was dishonest.
8. I'm a bit long in the __ to go to rave parties now!
9. If you're not sure about starting your own business, why don't you dip your __ into the water with a smaller weekend project first?
10. He worked his __ to the bone for his children.

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