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Vocabulary Exercise: Adjectives

Take a look at our page on essential English adjectives, then choose the best adjective in the sentences below for each holiday postcard.

Holiday Postcard 1

Level: Elementary


1. We're having an __ time here!
2. The food is __ and every night we eat something different.
3. A nice meal doesn't cost very much. In fact, it's really __ to have dinner.
4. The scenery is __ in this part of the country.
5. The people are very __ here as well.
6. The weather is great! It's __ and sunny every day.
7. The beach is __ our hotel, and we go there every day.
8. We have a __ room with big windows and a balcony.
9. There's also a swimming pool in the hotel, which is very __
10. There are also __ activities for guests, such as windsurfing or sailing.
In fact, it's the perfect holiday for us! See you next week!

Holiday Postcard 2

Level: Pre-intermediate


11. Well, we had a __ journey to get here!
12. We had to drive over some very __ mountains.
13. It's obviously a very __ place to come on holiday!
14. We really wanted a __ holiday, but there are too many people here...
15. Unfortunately, the beaches are a bit __ for us.
16. Our hotel is OK. It's a bit __ , but that doesn't matter. We're hardly ever there!
17. We have a balcony, but it's __ !
18. But the hotel staff are terrible! They're __ and never do anything!
19. If you ask them to do something for you, they are really __
20. At least I'm here with Dave. He's __ and we do a lot together.

See you next week!

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Excellent exercise for me! Thank you.

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