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Vocabulary Exercise: Travel Phrasal Verbs

Check out the page on travel vocabulary, then make sure you know these travel phrasal verbs before your next business or holiday trip!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. I hope the plane will take __ on time.
2. Are you coming with me to the airport to see me __ ?
3. I'm sorry I'm late. I was held __ in traffic.
4. The police stopped him and pulled him __ because he was driving too fast.
5. What time are you setting __ tomorrow?
6. It took me an hour to go __ security at the airport.
7. We didn't want to drive for too long, so we stopped __ for lunch on the way.
8. If you like, I can drive you into town and drop you __ at the railway station.
9. Can you come and pick me __ from the airport next week?
10. What time do you have to check __ for your flight?

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