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Starting a Conversation

What phrases can you use for starting a conversation in English? Check out these ten phrases and make sure you can say them correctly!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. You see an old friend by chance in the street, After you say ''Hi'', you continue with:
2. You want to know about your friend's activities or news. So you ask:
3. You could also say:
4. You could also ask:
5. Another way you can ask about life in general is:
6. Another way to ask about life in general is:
7. You meet (by chance) your colleague in the park. You're surprised to see your colleague, and you say:
8. You're happy to see a friend. You say:
9. You go back to the office after the weekend. You see your colleague and ask:
10. Your colleague comes back to the office after a longer time away (for example, after a period of illness). You say:

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