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Speaking Exercise: Talking about future plans

Take a look at our page on using the correct tense to talk about future plans in English, then try the exercise below.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Your friend asks, ''What are you __ to this weekend?''
2. You haven't got any definite plans, and you say: I'm not __ but I might check out that new Tarantino film.''
3. You aren't sure about your next holiday. You tell your friend, ''I'm thinking __ going camping.''
4. It's just before the summer break and your teacher / boss asks you: ''What are your __ for summer?''
5. You've already decided to travel around Europe this summer. You say, ''__ with a friend.''
6. You talk a little more about what you have organised. You say, '' __ flights to Paris.''
7. You're almost certain about your plans but you know things can change! You say, ''__ Ireland for a week.''
8. You have two possible holiday destinations, but you can't decide which one! You say: ''I'm __ Greece and Spain.''
9. Your friend tells you that he / she is going to Cuba. You're a bit jealous and you say: ''__ to go there!''
10. You have a plan, but you don't want to appear over-confident. You say to your teacher, ''I'm __ to go to university next year.''

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The lesson and quiz are so helpful. It's great! Thanks :)
Pradeep Yadav
Thanks,It's very nice I have become very happy to read this english session

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