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Speaking Exercise: Small talk about the news

English-speaking people often talk about the news. Take a look at our page Talking about the news, then check out these ways to introduce news stories and chat with other people in English.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Have you __ about Mary, in the accounts department?
2. You could answer: ''Yes, Steve __ me yesterday.''
3. Then you can continue with your reaction: ''It's __ isn't it.''
4. Or if you have heard recently, you can say: ''Yes, I've __ heard.''
5. Another way to introduce some news is: ''I don't know if you __ but...''
6. If it's a new story for you, you can reply: __
7. You can also ask a question to refer to some news. For example, ''What do you __ about the...?''
8. If you want to talk about some important, national news, you can say something like: ''I can't __ it about the ...''
9. You could answer, ''Yes, you have to __, don't you.''
10. If someone introduces some news and you want them to continue, you can say: __

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