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Speaking Exercise: Saying "yes" and "no"

There are many other ways to say "yes" or "no" in English. Try out our quiz belo!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Your friend asks, ''Would you like to go out for a meal tonight?'' but you don't want to. What do you say?
2. Your colleague asks you, ''Fancy a drink after work?'' You want to say yes.
3. A friend you don't know very well asks you to go shopping. You don't want to and say:
4. A good friend asks you, ''Would you like to go fishing with me tomorrow?'' You love fishing and say:
5. Your boss asks you to stay late, but you can't tonight. You say:
6. A group of friends are planning a weekend trip and they tell you about their plans and invite you. You want to go and say:
7. Friends have invited you to a formal dinner party. You don't really like formal events, so you say
8. Your friends invite you to stay the night after a party, but you don't want to. You say...
9. Your boss gives you a great opportunity to do an interesting project. You want to accept and you say:
10. Your friend says, ''Do you fancy coming out with us for pizza tonight?'' You think that's a great idea and say:

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A very well and important information something that we should learn and to know to improve our english knowledge

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