Speaking Exercise: Phrasal verbs for shopping

Take a look at our page on shopping conversations, then try the quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. When you can't find something in a shop, you can ask the shop assistant: ''Excuse me! I'm looking __ (name of thing).''
2. You like something (clothes) but want to make sure it's the right size. You say: ''Can I try this / these __ please?''
3. You want a new shirt for your jeans. You aren't sure if the shirt is the right colour for the jeans and you ask your friend: ''Does this shirt go __ my jeans?''
4. You're buying something for a friend, but you don't know if your friend will like it. You say: ''Can I bring it __ if it doesn't fit?''
5. The jeans you like are too long. The shop assistant says: ''You can take them __ .''
6. You like a shirt, but it's too big. You say: ''Do you think I can take this __ ?''
7. The sales assistant wants you to buy something and tells you to hurry, because the price will go __ soon.
8. You aren't sure if you should buy something, so you say to the sales assistant: ''I'll think __ it.''
9. You decide to buy something. You ask: ''Where can I pay __ it?''
10. Oops! You've spent all your money. You say to yourself, ''I have to cut __ on my spending!''

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