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Speaking Exercise: Happy and sad

Check out our page on saying how happy or sad you are, then try the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Lucy was in __ when she heard the news.
2. John's thrilled __ with his new phone.
3. Your colleague's wife has had a baby and you say:
4. You're talking to a friend about your brother (who just split up with his girlfriend). You say, ''He's still __''
5. Your cousin has just started university and she's having a wonderful time. Someone asks you about your cousin and you say:
6. A colleague's grandmother dies after a long illness. You say, ''I was __ to hear about your grandmother.''
7. Your friend is unhappy because he had to sell his car. You say: ''__ At least you don't have to wash it every week now!''
8. Your football team lose the championship. A friend asks you how you feel and you say: ''I'm __''
9. Your best friend starts dating again a week after her boyfriend left her. You say, ''It didn't take you long to get __ !''
10. Two friends tell you that they're going to get married. You're really happy for them and say: ''I'm absolutely __ for you!''

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