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Speaking Exercise: Getting to know someone

Take a look at our English speaking page: Getting to know someone, then try the quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. When someone asks you, ''Where are you from?'', you answer the name of your town / country, and then:
2. You say your town / country, and the other person says:
3. Then you can continue with:
4. A foreign visitor comes to your company. You say:
5. You can ask a visitor about their impressions of your town / country with:
6. You can also ask a foreign visitor:
7. You're at a social event and someone makes a comment about the music, For example, they say ''I love this music''. You say:
8. But if someone makes a comment using the negative form of the verb, such as ''I don't like loud music'' you can agree with:
9. Someone says something that you want to agree with. You can't remember the grammar rules, so you say:
10. You want to introduce yourself to a new person at a social event. You say:

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