Speaking Exercise: English conversation about food

What can you say when you eat at other people's houses? Check out our exercise below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. You're at a friend's house for dinner. You would like to add some salt to your meal. What do you say?
2. People don't usually eat in silence! After a few mouthfuls, you can say:
3. Your host will probably reply with something like:
4. After you finish your food, your host asks if you'd like more, by saying:
5. You can reply with:
6. But if you don't want any more food, you can say:
7. Your host gives you something you don't like. When they ask you what you think, you say:
8. You really don't like something your host gives you so you decide not to eat it. At the end of the meal you can say:
9. You can't eat all the food on your plate. You leave some and at the end of the meal when the host takes your plate, you say:
10. When you finish your meal, you can say:

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