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Speaking Exercise: Making appointments

Check out our page on making appointments, then try the quiz!

Level: Elementary and above

1. __ Monday suit you?
2. __ does Monday sound to you?
3. Is 10 a.m. a good __ for you?
4. What about __ next week?
5. Is next Tuesday __ ?
6. I'm afraid I can't meet next Tuesday. __ Thursday?
7. Next Wednesday would be __ .
8. I'm afraid I can't __ it next Tuesday.
9. Something urgent has __
10. Can we __ another time?

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Good Exersices and I hope send more excersies to me in order to apply.
Not very easy
I think this quiz is great for me to teach me how to making an appointment
Syazlien Binti Safian
It is such a fun activity and also the question is simple and easy to understand

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