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Pronunciation Exercise: Silent "w" in words

One difficulty with English pronunciation is that you don't always say every letter you see. In fact, some letters are "silent". In this quick quiz, decide if the "w" is silent or pronounced.

Level: Pre-Intermediate and above

1. He earns a low salary. (low)

2. In fact, his salary is lower than last year. (lower)

3. Look at the answer below. (below)

4. I live below him in our block of flats. (below)

5. The student's marks were below average. (below)

6. Who's your boss? (Who's)

7. Whose book is this? (whose)

8. Can you give me an answer? (answer)

9. He looked out of the window. (final ''w'' of ''window'')

10. The flowers are growing. (growing)

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Very good!
Marcelo Chirute
Bello Bashir yakasai
I´m learning a good english here thank you.
Yin hongxin
This is interesting.
Amazing trick

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