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New English lessons!

English Phrases With Never

Advanced Speaking: Talking About Possibility

Learn 10 Telephoning Phrasal Verbs

Speaking exercises

Pronunciation Exercise: Silent "b" in words

Pronunciation Exercise: Silent "w" in words

Everyday English Phrases

Starting a Conversation

English Conversation: Typical Replies

Phrases for Polite English

Speaking Exercise: English Pubs

Speaking Exercise: Talking about future plans

Speaking Exercise: Small talk about the news

Speaking Exercise: Saying you don't understand

Speaking Exercise: English conversation about food

Speaking Exercise: Understanding English speakers

Speaking Exercise: Small talk

Speaking Exercise: Getting to know someone

Speaking Exercise: Talking about bad news

Speaking Exercise: How to say "no" at work

Speaking Exercise: Making dates

Speaking Exercise: Meeting people

Speaking Exercise: Happy and sad

Speaking Exercise: Agreeing and disagreeing

Speaking Exercise: Helping people

Speaking Exercise: Classroom language

Speaking Exercise: Ending a conversation

Speaking Exercise: Saying yes and no

Speaking Exercise: Complaining at a hotel

Speaking Exercise: Making appointments

Speaking Exercise: What to say in special situations

Speaking Exercise: Greetings and Introductions

Vocabulary exercises

Collocations Quiz: Test Your Vocabulary

Phone Collocations in English

English Expressions with You

British English Idioms for Describing People

Memory and Vocabulary Collocations

Increase Your English Vocabulary

Old Technology

Animal Sounds in English

Learn English Prefixes and Suffixes

Vocabulary Exercise: Describing people

Vocabulary Exercise: Travel phrasal verbs

Vocabulary Exercise: Summer food words

Vocabulary Exercise: Verbs with body idioms

Vocabulary Exercise: People collocations

Vocabulary Exercise: Body verbs

Vocabulary Exercise: Special days

Vocabulary Exercise: Emotion collocations

Vocabulary Exercise: Compound nouns – Clothing

Vocabulary Exercise: Summer holidays

Vocabulary Exercise: Books and reading

Vocabulary Exercise: Compound nouns – in a town

Vocabulary Exercise: Synonyms

Vocabulary Exercise: Word formation

Vocabulary Exercise: Say, tell, speak, talk

Vocabulary Exercise: Adjectives

Vocabulary Exercise: Personal grooming and hygiene

Vocabulary Exercise: Adjectives and nouns

Common verb-noun collocations in English

Vocabulary Exercise: Talking about your family

Vocabulary Exercise: Commonly confused words

Vocabulary Exercise: Word building

Grammar exercises

Grammar Exercise: Has and Had

Grammar Exercise: Connecting words

Grammar Exercise: Indirect questions at work

Grammar Exercise: When, while, as, during

Grammar Exercise: Been or Gone?

Grammar Exercise: A/an or One?

Grammar Exercise: Past Simple and Past Continuous

Grammar Exercise: Possession

Grammar Exercise: Past modals

Grammar Exercise: Much, many, more, very

Grammar Exercise: Can, Have to

Grammar Exercise: Ing and Ed Adjectives

Grammar Exercise: Either and neither

Grammar Exercise: Short questions

Grammar Exercise: Adverbs

Grammar Exercise: So and such

Grammar Exercise: Plural nouns

Grammar Exercise: Past Perfect and Past Simple

Grammar Exercise: Future forms

Grammar Exercise: Time words

Grammar Exercise: Prepositions of location and direction

Grammar Exercise: Prepositions and adjectives

Grammar Exercise: Comparatives

Grammar Exercise: Quantifiers

Grammar Exercise: Some, Any, No, A

English grammar exercises

Other exercises

Write a CV: How to Use Powerful Verbs

Phrases for Business Letters and Emails

Writing Exercise: English punctuation

Using "do"

A New Year Quiz

Improve your pronunciation

How much do you know about business correspondence in English? Take our quiz!

Learning English through video

Speaking about rules and regulations

Talking about practical jokes in English

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