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A New Year Quiz

Did you eat too much over the holidays? Or perhaps you want next year to be the start of a new, better life! Try our New Year Quiz to test your knowledge of useful English words and phrases to talk about the New Year.

1. I ate too much chocolate over the holidays. I need to __ on a diet.
2. I'm going to __ out all sweets and chocolate from my food.
3. I'm also going to cut __ __ bread, pasta and rice.
4. Next year I will __ up smoking!
5. Instead, I will __ up football.
6. I've also signed __ for zumba at the gym.
7. I want to __ fit for summer.
8. When I __ back to work, I will also change my attitude.
9. I want to __ a promotion and become the manager.
10. I'm also going to __ English lessons.

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