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Increase your English Vocabulary

Do you always use the same words? Check out our vocabulary quiz to find the correct intermediate level word for these common English words. Then try using them when you speak or write to take your English up a level!

Level: Pre-intermediate

1. ''She's very intelligent.'' An alternative to ''intelligent'' is:
2. ''We talked about many things.'' An alternative to ''talk about'' is:
3. ''He's quite a happy person.'' An alternative for ''happy'' is:
4. ''The news made me very unhappy.'' An alternative to ''unhappy'' is:
5. ''It was a very sunny day.'' An alternative to ''sunny'' is:
6. ''I went for a walk in the park.'' An alternative to ''walk'' is:
7. ''My bedroom is always untidy.'' An alternative to ''untidy'' is:
8. ''She likes to sleep after lunch.'' An alternative to ''sleep'' is:

9. ''He's dating someone new.'' An alternative to ''dating'' is:

10. ''At the weekend I like to relax with friends.'' An alternative to ''relax'' is:

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Very interesting lesson
Marie-Danielle O’Reilly
I always love your exercises.Thank you!
Wow!Fabulous job...Thank you thank you thank you... :-)
Thank you o much...
thank you
very nice site for online English learning
Very interesting !:) .it will help me a lot. Thank you
Abdulkadir Abdulweli Hassan
it help full words
very interesting, thank you
It is very helpfull, thanks.
its very useful. excellent job.Thank you..
Yin hongxin
I love this website, it 's useful to me!
Great! It is helpful. :)
Carol Hughes
I love these different phrases of English that I am learning. I think you for putting them on online so we can learn free. Thanks again
Bofan Chen
Good,it's hard for me

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