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How much do you know about business correspondence in English? Take our quiz!

Choose the correct answer in these questions

1. When you start an email in English, after the greeting (Hi Sara), the next line:
– starts with a capital letter (Thanks for all your help yesterday)
– starts in lower case (thanks for all your help yesterday)

2. In a business letter, if you start Dear Sir / Madam you finish
– Yours sincerely
– Yours faithfully

3. The correct title for a woman is
– Mrs (plus surname)
– Miss (plus surname)

4. A good example of a generic ending in a letter or email is
– I look forward to hearing from you
– I look forward to hear from you

5. You can sign off your email with
– Cheers
– Bye

6. When you write the date in a letter, a good idea is to
– write day, month and year (10 November 2012)
– use abbreviations (10/11/12)

7. A paragraph in a letter or email should be
– single spaced and indented
– double spaced and no indents

8. You know when the writing is formal (rather than informal) because
– there are longer sentences
– there are more abbreviations

9. If you want to appear polite when you write, you should
– avoid giving orders
– use "you must" instead of "you could"

10. If you aren't writing in reply to previous correspondence, it's a good idea to
– say why you're writing in the first sentence
– use the first paragraph to say who you are, and why you are important

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(Here are the answers!)

1. Capital letter
2. Yours faithfully
3. Neither! Use Ms
4. I look forward to hearing from you
5. Cheers (particularly British English)
6. day, month, year
7. double spaced
8. more abbreviations
9. avoid giving orders
10. say why you're writing

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