Grammar Exercise: When, while, as, during

When you talk about something that happened in the past (or which will happen in the future), how can you use when, while, as or during - and with which tenses? Check out the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. He read about the accident while he __ on the train.
2. As he __ , he realised he knew the people in the news article.
3. __ he got off the train, he went to work.
4. __ he was watching TV, I was studying.
5. When he __ school, he wants to go to University.
6. Can you do the hoovering while __ tomorrow?
7. __ he becomes more senior in the company, he gets paid more.
8. It started to rain just __ he got home.
9. __ he was at work, he attended a meeting.
10. It snowed __ the winter.

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