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Grammar Exercise: Either and neither

Check your knowledge of either/or and neither/nor with this quiz!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Your friend says ''I don't eat meat'' and you want to agree. You say:
2. Your friend says, ''I don't like meat'' and you want to agree. You say:
3. Your friend says ''I love his films'' and you want to agree. You say:
4. You want to give someone a choice of cake or ice-cream. You say, ''I can offer __ cake __ ice-cream.''
5. Your friend says ''I don't like horror films''. You want to agree and you say:
6. You can't speak French or German. You say, ''I can't speak __ French __ German.''
7. Your friend can't speak French or German. You say, ''She can speak __ French __ German.''
8. Your friend doesn't like horror or sci-fi films. You say, ''She hates __ horror __ sci-fi films.''
9. Your friend invites you to the cinema. ''Would you like to see a thriller or a comedy?'' You like both types of film and you say:
10. If your friend asks ''Would you like to see a horror or a sci-fi film?'' and you hate both, you can say:

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