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Grammar Exercise: Connecting words

Connecting words (or conjunctions) connect words, phrases and clauses.

Take a look at our page on linking words, then try the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. I go to the gym to keep fit __ meet my friends.
2. At the gym I usually either lift weights __ use the treadmill.
3. My doctor told me I needed to lose weight __ I went on a diet.
4. __ there are no parks near my house, I decided to join the gym.
5. I like the gym __ the people there are friendly.
6. The gym is cheap __ it's often crowded.
7. So I like to go in the morning __ there aren't many people.
8. __ I go three times a week, I can get a discount.
9. __ I only go three times a week, some people go five times a week.
10. __ I still eat the same amount, I'm losing weight.

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Jarne Thoelen
thnx it was nice quiz
Good exercise
Good revision
Great quiz....thanx!
Thanks for the quiz
I got new information through this exercise. Thanks Please add more new information regarding email
Brief summary and good excercise

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