Everyday English Phrases

Do you know which everyday English phrases to use in common situations? Choose the correct word in the sentences below! These are all examples of common British English expressions.

Level: Elementary and above

1. You don't understand someone. You say: ''I didn't __ what you said.''
2. You want directions to the station. You ask, ''Is this the right __ to the station?''
3. It's hot in the train and you want to open the window. You ask another passenger if that's OK. You say: ''Do you __ if I open the window?''
4. You're trying to open the window, but it's difficult. Someone offers to help you and says: ''Can I give you a __?''
5. The train is quite full, but you can see an empty seat next to a person. You ask the person, ''Is this seat __?''
6. Your friend sneezes, You say: ''__ you!''
7. You want to pay for a newspaper with a £20 note. The sales assistant asks you: ''Have you got anything __?''
8. A friend has got an exam today. You say to your friend: ''__ luck!''
9. Your friend answers, ''Thanks! I'll __ it.''
10. You want to see a friend at the weekend. You ask: ''Do you __ doing anything at the weekend?''

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Zarine Shaikh
Your words are helpful for me...thnk ew
thank you so much!
That very good idea to learn english.
I enjoy it,it is best english
I like this way very much to improve English.
Helpful,thank you.

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