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Christmas Culture Quiz

How much do you know about the English-speaking world? Try our Christmas Culture Quiz! Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. The night before Christmas, children hang up empty __ for presents.
2. Parents tell children that Santa Claus arrives on a sleigh, pulled by twelve __ .
3. During the rest of the year, Santa Claus makes the toys for Christmas in his home in __ .
4. Because Santa Claus visits every house, he gets tired and hungry. What do parents leave out for him to eat?
5. Children count down the days before Christmas with an __ .
6. Before Christmas, many people send each other __
7. People often decorate their homes during Christmas. Which of these is not a traditional indoors decoration?
8. In the days before Christmas, it's quite common to go to a __
9. In many primary schools, children act in a special __ .
10. On 24 December, many people attend __ .
11. A traditional Christmas Day lunch is often roast turkey with __
12. After eating, people often __ .
13. In the UK, families often watch __ together after lunch.
14. What day comes after Christmas Day?
15. The period between Christmas and New Year is often a time that families spend together. Which of the following is not traditional winter entertainment?

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