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Week 4: English articles, transport vocabulary, buying tickets, would like

This week there are four English lessons:

A grammar lesson: Indefinite and definite articles in English

A vocabulary lesson: English transport vocabulary

A speaking lesson: Learn how to buy tickets in English

And a general lesson: Would like and other English polite phrases

Practice activities

There are multiple-choice exercises for the articles lesson and the lesson on using "would like". There's speaking practice for your fluency and pronunciation in the "would like" and polite phrases lesson.

Lesson objectives

– Understand when and how to use the indefinite, definite or zero article in English
– Learn essential words to describe types of transport, tickets, and the right verbs to use with these
– Practise asking for tickets or transport information
– Learn tips for understanding native English speakers
– Use "I'd like" appropriately in social situations, and learn other ways to be polite and friendly in English

Related pages

There's more detailed grammar explanation on the definite article; and extra tips for politeness in being friendly in English.

In previous weeks of the English course

In Week 1 the grammar lessons cover the verb "to be", and subject / object pronouns and possessives. The vocabulary lesson covers words and phrases to talk about your family. The speaking lesson gives practice in saying hello and introducing yourself.

In Week 2, the grammar lesson is the Present Simple tense. (Question forms are practised further in Week 3.) Week 2 also covers telephone phrases, vocabulary to talk about your job, and giving personal information, such as date of birth and address.

Week 3 also has a grammar lesson on English nouns (singular, plural, countable and uncountable), a vocabulary lesson on talking about your free time, and speaking practice in making a hotel booking in English.

Next week

The lessons next week are a grammar review on there is / there are; using "can" to make polite requests, and vocabulary for talking about rooms and furniture in English.

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