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Week 3: English nouns, asking questions, booking a hotel, free time

Here are the four lessons for Week 3 of our free English course!

The English course so far

In Week 1 the lessons are using the verb to be, nationalities, pronouns and possessives, vocabulary to talk about your family, and phrases to say hello and introduce yourself.

In Week 2, the lessons are the Present Simple tense, vocabulary to talk about your job and daily routines, telephone phrases, and phrases for giving personal information.

This week (Week 3) there are two grammar pages: English nouns and Learn how to ask questions at a hotel. There's a speaking page: Booking a hotel room, and a vocabulary page: Learn to talk about your free time.

There are multiple-choice exercises (with answers) on three of the pages: "English nouns", "Learn how to ask questions at a hotel", and "Learn to talk about your free time". You can also practise your speaking and pronunciation by taking part in conversations in "Booking a hotel room".

Here are the links to the four lessons:

English nouns

Learn how to ask questions at a hotel

Booking a hotel room in English

English vocabulary: learn to talk about your free time

Lesson objectives

– Make questions using the Present Simple and the verb "to be"
– Practise typical questions at a hotel
– Learn essential hotel vocabulary
– Talk about hobbies, interests and sport
– Use "like" to talk about general preferences
– Use "play", "do" and "go" correctly to talk about sports and activities

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For more help with articles, see our page on English articles. There are more phrases to talk about hobbies on our page Talking about your hobbies in English and there's more help for booking hotels and restaurants on our page How to make a booking in English.

Next week

The lessons next week are on using articles, and getting around – buying a ticket, and useful phrases for travelling.

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