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Week 19: Will, might, going to; weather vocabulary, superlatives

Here are the lessons for week 19:

English grammar: Will, might, going to
English conversations: Weather
English grammar: Superlatives

There's a speaking exercise on the conversations page, and one exercise each on the grammar pages.

Lesson objectives

– Learn how to talk about the weather, using it's, there; and nouns, verbs and adjectives to do with weather
– Learn how to make predictions using will, might and going to
– Use the superlative forms of common adjectives

Previous lessons

The lessons for Week 11:

Grammar: have, have got 's
English vocabulary: Parts of the body
English speaking: Medical problems

The lessons for Week 12:

English grammar: giving instructions
English vocabulary: Money
Writing an enquiry

The lessons for Week 13:
English grammar: Present Continuous tense
English speaking: how to use look, be like, look like
English vocabulary: talking about people

The lessons for Week 14:
Question words in English grammar
English speaking: Getting to know someone
How to write about yourself online

The lessons for Week 15
English grammar: how to talk about ability
English vocabulary: describe your skills
English vocabulary: feelings and friendship

The lessons for Week 16
English grammar: future intentions
English vocabulary: Planning a day out
English speaking: Offering food

The lessons for Week 17
English grammar: modals of obligation
English vocabulary: Jobs and work
Talk about your job in English

The lessons for Week 18
English grammar: The Present Perfect
English grammar: Irregular past participles
English speaking: Phone messages

Next lessons

The final week will review the English course.

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