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Week 16: future intentions, planning a day out, English dinner parties

These are the lessons for week 16:

English grammar: future intentions

English vocabulary: Planning a day out

English speaking: Offering food

There are three multiple choice exercises (one on each new page.)

Lesson objectives

– Learn how to use "be going to" and the Present Continuous to talk about future plans and intentions
– Review "will"
– Talk about a day out: vocabulary for popular activities, travelling arrangements, and suggestions
– Learn polite dinner party expressions: offering, accepting and refusing food and drink
– Learn how to use "enough", "too", "either…or" and "both" when accepting or refusing food

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There's more grammar help on the pages Present Continuous, Using will, Using future forms, and Talking about your plans in English. There's also help on using Some and Any.

Previous lessons

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The lessons for Week 12:

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Next lessons

The lessons for Week 17 are using "must", "have to" and "need to" to talk about rules and regulations, and vocabulary to talk about jobs and job responsibilities.

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