How to write a letter to your boss

You need to be careful to sound polite and diplomatic when you write to people with high status, such as your boss or a client. Make sure you use the correct verb forms to avoid sounding too direct. Here are some tips and samples for writing politely.

1. Make a suggestion rather than giving advice.

"We should commission a report" becomes "Perhaps we could commission a report."

2. Make a request rather than saying what you think.

"We need to discuss my salary" becomes "Would it be possible to discuss my salary?"

3. Instead of giving orders, make a request.

"I would like you to sign this letter" becomes "Could you sign this letter?"

4. Involve the other person, rather than focusing on your own needs.

"We need to meet the suppliers" becomes "Do you think we should / could meet the suppliers?" Or "It might be useful to meet the suppliers."

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I liked very much this lesson. Congratulations for initiative! thanks

i would like to letter my boss to inform that i have done the meeting with my client and discussion of our meeting,please help me out how to write a mail

You could write:I have had the meeting with (client) where we discussed (say what projects you discussed).We decided to ... (say what was decided at the meeting).(Your name)

I got terminated from the service of my previous company. Still i am searching for a job but i didn't gt anything so far. So i am in a plan to write a letter to boss to reconsider his decision or refer me somewhere.

Could you help me write a letter to my Boss requesting a meeting in order to discuss a salary review or salary adjustment

Personally, I'd write an email rather than a letter. This means you can be much briefer. You could write something like:Dear X (boss name)(Give a reason why - the following are all possible and you could also use the same wording in your meeting)In the last few months, my responsibilities have expanded to include ... (add new responsibilities) ORWe agreed ... (on date) that we would review my salary ... (after six months / if I reached all my targets) ORThis year I’ve been able to … (name one / two most important achievements) which … (has / have resulted in X% profit / Y% savings, etc.) OR(As you probably know,) this year I had some excellent opportunities to make an impact. In particular … (name the opportunities) which resulted in … (state the impact). ORAt the beginning of the year, I was set a target of … (name the sales target / goals, etc) and as you know, I have (consistently) exceeded those targets. For this reason, would it be possible to arrange a meeting to discuss a salary review / adjustment? ORFor this reason, I'd like to request a meeting to discuss / I was hoping we could discuss a salary review / adjustment.I look forward to hearing from you.(Your name)An additional tip! When you have your meeting with your boss, make sure you can give business reasons for your salary increase. What results have you brought the organisation? Mention these rather than any personal reason for getting a pay rise.

Im currently working with 102 year old lady r 5 years.i want to write a letter to her thanking her for the so not good and good days I had with her, for putting food on our table, learning wisdom and strength from her. She's a tough lady fighting to stay alive till next year as she said.

I think what you have already said is lovely! Why not write that to her?

What to ask my boss to let me work Monday - Friday 7am to 3pm as a CNA. I have worked for this place for about 17 years now . how would I write if so I won't sound pushy

Hi (boss name)I'd be really grateful if I could arrange my shifts to work Monday - Friday 7 am to 3 pm. Would this be possible at all?Many thanks(your name)I'm not sure what CNA means. Could you let me know?Clare

CNA is a Certified Nurses Aide

OK - thanks! You might not need to include your role as CNA in your email, as presumably your boss knows what job you do. Good luck with it and I hope you get a positive result!

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