6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step

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Hi, I’m Clare, owner of english-at-home.com.

Here’s a list of all my published books – available on Amazon stores around the world. These are Kindle ebooks but you don’t need a Kindle to read them. You can also read them on a tablet, iPhone, Android or PC / Mac with the free reading app6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step. You can even read them in your browser.

Now you can learn English anywhere!

*** NEW *** Business English ESL

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepAll the phrases you need for working and succeeding in English.

Packed full of interview question tips, phrases for meetings, socialising and networking; and ways to talk to your boss, colleagues and employees. You’ll learn how to manage teams and projects; impress your boss to expand your role and get a promotion; and build great relationships with your colleagues.

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505 Business English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepLearn business idioms and phrases so you can speak confidently about money, the economy, how the business is going – and your colleagues!

By using idioms when you talk to people in meetings, negotiations and presentations, you’ll sound more natural and more like a native speaker. For each idiom there’s an explanation and example sentence.

The idioms cover everything about the business world, including finance, marketing, leadership and doing deals.

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For Spanish readers…

505 Modismos de Inglés Comercial y Verbos Frasales

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepAll the business idioms and phrasal verbs above, with translations in Spanish!

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Business Writing Essentials – How to Write Letters, Reports and Emails

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepWrite quickly and accurately every time!

Guidelines for accurate punctuation, spelling and layout, all the phrases you need for everyday coreespondence and easy-to-follow advice for the correct style and tone.

Plus! Hundreds of examples and dozens of ready-to-use email and letter templates covering the most common business situations, such as writing to ask for information, confirmation or advice; autoresponders; bookings; writing with bad news or threats, to complain or apologise; condolence, invitations and thank you letters; sales letters of every type.

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Speak English! 30 Days to Better English

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepDo you find it hard to speak English?

Maybe you don’t know what to say in shops, restaurants or at work, or the phrases to make a phone call in English, or what to say when you want to make friends.

This 30-day program helps you speak English with confidence! Get phrases for everyday situations, such as shopping, ordering food, telephoning, chatting and getting around; over 120 audio recordings of vocabulary, phrases and conversations to help you improve your pronunciation; speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary tips to help you speak more naturally; progress checks and review exercises. Plus! A bonus section to help you find online conversation partners.

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Also available on iTunes.

99 Ways to Speak Better English Today

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepHave you ever listened to an English conversation and not understood a word? Or perhaps you feel embarrassed about your English pronunciation?

Discover 99 secrets in this book to help you with speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

You don’t need to spend hours learning English anymore. Got five minutes? Just dip into this book to learn a key point in English. You’ll learn how to understand native speakers more easily; pronounce English more like a native speaker; keep a conversation going without hesitating; write better emails; and eliminate the most common grammar and tense mistakes.

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English Grammar for Busy People – Everyday Grammar for Great Writing and Speaking

6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step6 Books to Learn English Step-by-StepAvoid making the most common grammatical mistakes! This book is a concise but comprehensive guide to the most important areas of grammar.

Simply written, with clear explanations and examples covering English tenses, articles, conditionals, modals, prepositions, adjectives / adverbs, relative clauses, passives, reported speech, verb patterns and word order.

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7 thoughts on “6 Books to Learn English Step-by-Step

  1. Mohit arya

    Hi there,
    I am an international student living in New Zealand right now and sometimes I struggle a lot to have a conversation with someone. I have learnt a lot through your website and today I looked at your one page which talks about ebook to learn English quickly, my weakest areas are prepositions and talking about past and using modals so what would you recommend me to go with, Are those ebook lessons are different from your website lessons which has already covered so much things for us? I want to learn step by step as on this website every thing is so good but you get confused at the same time which one should I read first either should I look at the speaking section or grammar or vocabulary and so on I need a proper method to learn English as I need to work on everything but I am not sure what’s the right way.
    It’s my humble request to you please help me with this.

  2. Clare Post author

    Hi Mohit! It’s easy to get overwhelmed because there are so many things that you can learn. I’d recommend my book “Speak English! 30 Days to Better English” because it starts from the very basics, giving you clear explanations on grammar and vocabulary, plus speaking phrases. (There’s an audio with the book as well – for that you get access to an audio page on the site). The book is based on the free course that’s already available on the site, so if you preferred, you could also work your way through the course without needing to buy the book.

    Or you can study in a way that suits you best, by choosing the pages that are most useful for you from grammar, vocabulary, speaking, etc. At the bottom of each section page, there are pages listed for elementary level. Hope that helps!

  3. maha

    Thank you Clare ,I had a difficulty understading and sayong the fractions your webpage made it easy.

  4. Mohsen

    I’d like to work on all skills together with grammar and vocabulary. And I hope I will get what I need.

  5. Sayaka?Nakai

    I am teaching Business English in Japan. I liked your Business English ESL very much. It gives a lot of information on how to behave when you are working with English speaking Boss and co workers.
    This is what most of Japanese workers need!
    I sincerely hope if you could create workbooks for Japanese adult ESL learners.

  6. Sayaka Nakai

    I love your Business English ESL.
    I have never seen any book like this and this is what most Japanese Business person longed to have.
    I am a Japanese English teacher/translator and my students keep asking me “What should I say when…?”

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