101 Essential Verbs

Here is a list of 101 common verbs in English in alphabetical order. Where the verb is irregular, the past form and past participle are given.


agree: "Do you agree with me?"

argue: "They argue every night."

arrive: "What time does your plane arrive?"

ask: "He asked me a question."


be: "Were you afraid when you heard the noise?"

become (become / became / become): "He became famous when he acted in that film."

begin (begin / began / begun): "He began school when he was five years old."

believe: "Do you believe in ghosts?"

break (break / broke / broken): "He broke his computer."

bring (bring / brought / brought): "Please bring your dictionary to the next lesson."

build (build / built / built): "They're building some new houses next to the lake."

buy (buy / bought / bought): "I want to buy a new coat."


call: "Can you call me tomorrow?"
"He's called Robert."

carry: "Can you help me carry this suitcase?"

catch (catch / caught / caught): "I didn't catch what you said."

check: "The teacher checked his homework."

choose (choose / chose / chosen): "She chose the red jumper."

clean: "It took me an hour to clean the car."

come (come / came / come): "Where do you come from?"

cook: "She cooks every day for her family."

cost (cost / cost / cost): "What did your car cost?"


die: "When her dog died she was very sad."

do (do / did / done): "Did you do your homework?"

drink (drink / drank / drunk): "She drank a cup of coffee, then went out."

drive (drive / drove / driven): "You drive too fast!"


eat (eat / ate / eaten): "Do you eat meat?"


fall (fall / fell / fallen): "He fell off his bike and hurt his knee."

feel (feel / felt / felt): "I feel cold."

fight (fight / fought / fought): "Those two children fight like cats and dogs."

find (find / found / found): "I found £20 in the street yesterday."

finish: "I'll finish my homework after dinner."

forget (forget / forgot / forgotten): "She always forgets to bring her homework."


get (get / got / got): "Can you get me some apples when you're at the shops?"

give (give / gave / given): "He gave me a great book for my birthday."

go (go / went / gone): "They go to the beach every summer."


hate: "I hate getting ill."

have (have / had / had): "Do you have enough money with you?"

hear (hear / heard / heard): "I heard that she was ill."

help: "Can you help me?"

hold (hold / held / held): "Please hold the line."


know (know / knew / known): "Do you know how to get to their office?"


learn: "You need to learn all these dates before the test."

leave (leave / left / left): "I leave home at 8am every morning."

like: "Do you like sports?"

listen: "Please listen to me."

live: "Where do they live?"

look: "Look at this picture!"

lose (lose / lost / lost): "They lost the match."

love: "I love her music."


make (make / made / made): "She made a card for her mother."

mean: "What does this word mean?"

meet (meet / met / met): "Let's meet at the cafe."


need: "You'll need to bring your passport with you."


order: "Are you ready to order yet?"

organise: "I'd like to organise a party for my birthday."


pay: "Where can I pay?"

phone: "Can you phone me tomorrow?"

play: "They like playing football in the park."

post: "I need to post this letter."

put (put / put / put): "Where did you put the TV remote?"

prepare: "She prepares her lessons every evening."


read (read / read / read): "What sort of books do you read?"

relax: "She relaxes by watching TV."

remember: "Do you remember the time of the appointment?"

repair: "Can you repair this bike for me?"

return: "What day do they return from holiday?"

ride (ride / rode / ridden): "The kids ride their bikes every day."

run (run / ran / run): "We'll have to run for the bus."


save: "It's a good idea to save some money every month."

say: "What did you say to him?"

see (see / saw / seen): "Can you see the sea from your house?"

sell (sell / sold / sold): "They sold their house and moved to the countryside."

send (send / sent / sent): "He sent her some flowers for her birthday."

share: "Please share the book."

show (show / showed / shown): "She showed me her new painting."

sit (sit / sat / sat): "Please sit down."

sleep (sleep / slept / slept): "I didn't sleep well last night."

speak (speak / spoke / spoken): "I'd like to speak to the manager, please."

spend (spend / spent / spent): "We spent a lot of money on our holiday."

stay: "Where did you stay?"

start: "She started school last year."

stop: "The train stops at every station."

study: "We studied hard before the exam."


take (take / took / taken): "Can you take the rubbish out, please?"

talk: "They always talk in class."

teach (teach / taught / taught): "She teaches Maths and Physics."

tell (tell / told / told): "She told the students to study for the exam."

think (think / thought / thought): "What do you think?"

travel: "He travelled around the world."

try: "He tries hard at school."

turn: "Please turn off the TV when the programme finishes."


understand (understand / understood / understood): "I don't understand."

use: "What type of toothpaste do you use?"


wait: "We waited an hour for the train."

wake up (wake / woke / woken): "I woke up early today."

walk: "They walk to work."

want: "I don't want to move house this year."

watch: "She watches TV in the evening."

wear (wear / wore / worn): "He always wears jeans at the weekend."

win (win / won / won): "Did you win the match?"

work: "They work hard."

write (write / wrote / written): "I wrote ten postcards on holiday."

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